Facility Management

Technical service, maintenance of commercial real estate

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Project Management

Comprehensive support in the implementation of projects

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Mobile support in emergencies

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Perfect Quality Solutions on Time

Comprehensive Facility Management services for private sector, commercial premises, production and logistics halls.

In General Facility Management we deliver highest quality technological and engineering solutions which are durable and increase the value of the property. Our professional expertise and many years of experience (17 years on the european property market) greatly improve and optimise effectiveness of business activity of our customers.

Our Services

We create comfortable living and working space

Construction and civil works

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  • Architecture design
  • Arrangement of commercial spaces at the construction and renovation level
  • Adaptation of usable area for new purposes
  • Comprehensive renovation and/or lifting of space
  • Modernisation works in the field of teletechnical, electrical and low-voltage installations


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  • Engineering design and preparation of complete technical documentation
  • Coordination of construction, installation and finishing works in the building
  • Modernisation of solutions in the field of fire protection systems, energy consumption reduction systems, HVAC and low voltage systems.

Technical emergency available 24/7

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  • Mobile and 24/7 technical support centre in case of breakdowns and malfunctions
  • Lightning fast on-site arrival of our technical team
  • Taking care of malfunctions immediately


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  • Architectural consultations for new projects of private residence commercial spaces
  • Design, selection of materials and visualization of new spaces
  • Comprehensive project execution

Hi Tech Systems Optimising Energy Consumption in Buildings

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  • Designing system solutions that will optimise and reduce energy consumption in buildings i.e. photovoltaics
  • Assembly works and technical consultations
  • Installations maintenance

Anti-Covid/Dust Systems

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  • Air purification systems design in commercial buildings
  • Implementation of innovative technology eliminating bacteriological and virus threats (NASA approved technology)
  • Taking care of cleanliness, order and aesthetics of commercial premises and spaces (cleaning services)

We support our customers 24/7!

We take care of every element and part of the property to maintain it in a perfect condition throughout it time of exploitation. We operate in the mode of ongoing repair and maintenance services and in the technical emergency mode available 24/7.

Why Us?

Elasticity in solutions

For the exclusive convenience of our clients we operate with our scheduled technical and maintenance services as well as emergency service available 24/7.


We are part of ARMS GROUP, a company based in Dubai, with a varied portfolio of services such as energy and environment sector, engineering, production, trade, services and real estate sector.

17 years of experience in field of facilities management across European Union

Comprehensive Facility Management services covering 6 millions square meter of commercial premises around Poland (EU) – offices, malls, magazines and logistics hubs.

Innovative I.T. solutions supporting facility management

CAFM – communicative mobile platform for self-reporting of malfunctions, faults or breakdowns, overview and maintenance verifications and sending inquiries to our service technicians.

Variety of services increasing value and atractiveness of property

From interior design projects to optimisation of energy consumption in buildings and solutions providing safety, antivirus (SarsCov-2) and hygienic devices.

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General Facility Management

tel. 042 649388


Arms Building Airport Road

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